of employees are not satisfied with their current social impact programs.
of employees would participate in Humanity Rising.

Humanity Rising is a movement. In their words:

"We inspire students to discover their service passion, empower them to create cultures of kindness and respect in their neighborhoods and schools, and give them a platform to share their voice and motivate peers to join them in bringing their communities together through service."

Watch the 90 second video explaining Humanity Rising's model in detail.

Humanity Rising's Model

  • Encourage students to discover their service passion.
  • Bring communities together through service for greater impact.
  • Foster a service habit that will last a lifetime.
  • Encourage students to start thinking about college early.
  • Sponsor scholarships for students making a positive difference.
  • Help sponsors achieve and surpass their social impact objectives.

Humanity Rising is a turnkey solution that requires no backend administration.

Drive Employee Engagement With Creative Programs


Humanity Rising asks "What Cause Inspires You?" and your employees' answer forms the basis of the many programs we work with Humanity Rising to offer.

Sponsor Students Innovating Toward Your Cause(s)


Humanity Rising challenges students to start innovative service projects toward the cause(s) you support, and your employees can even help pick scholarship winners.

Increase Visibility In Communities You Do Business


Humanity Rising operates at a national or city-wide level, and scales easily to fit the communities you want to have impact in.

Award Scholarships In Your Company's Name


Powerful branding opportunities enable your company to garner the respect it deserves from both consumers and students that may one day join your team.

Discover your company's purpose and drive sustainable social change.

Results of Survey Conducted on Behalf of Humanity Rising

of employees would participate by donating their time or money.
want to work with students on service projects.
would mentor students who win service scholarships.
would like to help select causes that students in the program are encouraged to serve.
want to help select service scholarship winners.
would donate scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional service efforts.

Ways to Engage Your Employees

"This is exactly the type of character we want all our students to develop." - Principal Patrick McGill (George Westinghouse College Prep)

Partnered with Humanity Rising, we offer the first complete social impact solution for businesses aiming to find purpose in bettering their communities. Sponsor a movement that will one day provide scholarships to millions of students and give your employees invaluable and rewarding experiences for years to come.

Humanity Rising a 501(c)(3) for purpose organization. Get updates and read services stories at www.humanityrising.org